Travel Teaches- Beauty in Mundane Things

Sometimes in life, when you are traveling look out for all the imperfections a place holds. Its okay to not find a perfect frame, it’s okay if a place is not conventionally insta-worthy and just like that it’s absolutely fine if your life is going through phases of imperfection!
Life and travel is all about embracing everything that comes on your way. It’s about finding beauty in everyday mundane things, it’s sometimes about just sailing through the not so good looking visuals and experiences life and travel throws. Because at the end of it all you emerge as a stronger and better person!
A realization while I was hiking inside the less trodden Village of Dah. It was an experience I will remember for long, because if at one side Ladakh showed me Pangong, it also showed me a Dah, a worn out village where majority houses are almost like ruins. Where electricity comes for an hour and totally totally disconnected from mankind!

Such was Ladakh and such is life! Where extremes meet at ease making the journey beautiful and worth it 🙂

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