Collaborate With Me

Hola People,

Thank you for dropping by. I am here to join hands with travel companies, magazines and newspaper (both online and offline), travel and food enthusiasts, vacation properties and restaurants and all such to explore mutually beneficial partnerships.

Connect with me for:

  1. Writing Travelogues for online and offline media
  2. Reviews: Vacation Properties, Restaurants, Food and Travel Apps and all such
  3. Relevant Social Media Campaigns and Contests
  4. Press and Fam Trips
  5. Designing Itineraries and helping with bookings
  6. Or any other travel related collaboration which I might have missed mentioning in #1 -#5

Professionally I am in Corporate Communications and PR with over 7 years of experience. Over and above being a travel blogger and travel enthusiast my expertise lies in Content Development, Brand Management and Social Media Marketing!

I would be happy to contribute my expertise and work towards a mutually beneficial collaboration.

Connect with me at : 

Mail : or

Facebook Page : One Earth Too Less

or simply fill in the below form:

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